The Ghost Walk


A play in two acts. Running time approximately 100 minutes.

Genre: Comedy


4 female parts, 7 male parts

TERRY FAWCETT – a lugubrious, thickset fiftyish landlord with the weight of the world on his shoulders

JUNE FAWCETT – fifties, slightly overweight but addressing this through Zumba dancing

GEMMA FAWCETT – twenties, attractive daughter of Terry & June. Intent on playing the field

D I PATTINSON – in his fifties, going to seed, Pattinson has seen it all and arrested most of it

GARETH WILLIAMS – mid-twenties, good looking Council officer and occasional magician

MELISSA GRAINGER – short & dark in her mid-twenties. Reporter and part time ghost hunter

VINCENT LAUDER – forties, overweight, sharply dressed manifestly unsuccessful drug dealer

LYNTON McIVER – short, fifties, longish straggly hair surrounding a bald head. Professor of the Paranormal and TV personality

PRESCOTT KINGSTON – twenties Jack-the-lad. Delivery driver and Gemma’s boyfriend

RICHARD WEEKES – forties, tweedy brewery representative and wanabee property developer

EDITH SCRIVEN – Seventies, retired librarian and scion of the local history society


Terry Fawcett, the landlord of the Dog & Duck, is under pressure. His wife is spending money online, his daughter is playing the field and the brewery is unhappy with beer sales at the Dog & Duck and are threatening to close the pub down. Comparisons are being drawn with The Jolly Sailor opposite, where sales are booming.

By reputation The Jolly Sailor is visited by the apparition of Captain Jack and receives regular trade from ghost hunters who organise walks around haunted premises locally. The family think that the Dog & Duck should make up it’s own ghost. Reluctantly Terry agrees, not realising that the pub already has Margaret – a ghost that likes to keep a low profile.

Adding to Terry’s woes are a drug dealer looking for a missing parcel, a policeman looking for local drug dealers and a Professor of the paranormal attempting to validate the ghostly presence invented by his daughter.


The play is available at £5.00 per copy downloaded or £10.00 printed and mailed. Performance licences are available from £50 per performance for amateur groups.

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