Splendid Jewel – A full length drama about Eleanor Marx

The Equestrianist– A full length drama set in 1898 about the assassination of the Empress of Austria in Geneva. Available from Amazon in hardback and kindle form.

Brigade – a one act play set in 1936 about the battle against facism in the east end of London.

The Ghost Walk – a full length comedy. A tale of two pubs. The Jolly Sailor is hugely successful, trading on the ghostly presence of Captain Jack. The Dog and Duck opposite is a quiet traditional pub under pressure from the brewery to increase sales. The Dog and Duck needs to find a ghost.

Books (non fiction)

Social Media (Blackwell, 2017) – in “A sustainable built environment” ed Tim Dixon

The Building Machine (Parkside EP, 2014)- How technology is applied in the built environment

Real Estate in the New Economy (with Tim Dixon et al) (Blackwell, 2007) – How technology fits within the changing economic environment of real estate