A little piece of England in the sun

Jesus Rojo is used to being unpopular. As the youngest investigating judge ever appointed he had already ruffled the feathers of those who place seniority over talent. When he is handed a case of institutional corruption that has been lying in the long grass for years, he suspects that he is being set up to fail.

With his small team of detectives, he begins to unpick the case and uncovers a money trail linking the main suspect with a top-quartile investment fund in the City of London that seems to invest in criminal activity as a means of diversification. In particular, the role played by the CEO of the fund, Derek Sanderson, comes under scrutiny.

Separately, the National Crime Agency is investigating Sanderson and the fund’s links with an operation in Brighton that sells Spanish villas off-plan. The local police suspect that this is a scam and that the deposits paid will disappear along with the perpetrators.

The two investigations intertwine as the detectives in the UK and Spain close in on the suspects.

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