New West End Theatre

Billed by its operators as ‘the first newly built central London theatre in 30 years’, St James Theatre opens to the public in September 2012.

Built on the site of the former Westminster Theatre in Victoria, the venue will include a state-of-the-art 312 seat theatre, a studio performance space, broadcast TV facilities and a bar and brasserie designed by architect Tim Foster (also responsible for redevelopment projects at the Polka Children’s TheatreGate Theatre and Tricycle Theatre and cinema).

Artistic directors David Gilmore and James Albrecht will announce their first season in April, with a programme of musicals, comedies and classic revivals expected in addition to touring productions.

The original Westminster Theatre building was opened in 1923 on the site of the Charlotte Chapel, which was built in 1766. In 1931, the building was transformed into a theatre, where it stood for over seventy years before it was destroyed by fire in June 2002, during demolition work which had begun.

From September, the brand new theatre hopes to add something genuinely new to the London arts scene.

Sandi Toksvig’s Bully Boy is to be the first production to be staged. Anthony Andrews plays Major Oscar Hadley who is tasked with investigating gross misconduct within a unit of the Army. An interview with the young Private Eddie Clark, played by Joshua Miles, reveals that ‘truth’ depends on your point of view in this tale of modern day military life which highlights the lack of mental health care for returning soldiers

18th September to 27th October 2012 | £20, £30, £40

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